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    Hundreds of people send their queries online to lawyers to solve their legal problems, receiving free estimates. 

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    Our law firm offers expert advice on criminal cases, civil litigation and issues related to real estate law. Family law, successions, divorces.

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    Bankruptcy Law and
    2nd Chance

    We resolve conflicts in companies and carry out feasibility plans for new projects. It is up to you to get out of bankruptcy forever and start a new life without debts. Stop the harassing calls. 

    The Second Chance Law is the solution to debts. 

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    Real estate law

    We deal with all kinds of real estate issues: Rent, Squats, Eviction, Owners Community, Arras, etc. 

    Compensation Boards, Urban Law...

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    Our law firm specializes in providing comprehensive legal advice in various areas of law. With extensive experience in criminal cases, civil litigation, and real estate law, we pride ourselves on providing effective legal solutions to our clients. In addition, we have a team of experts in labor law, bankruptcy and inheritance and succession, guaranteeing a complete approach to satisfy the legal needs of each individual and company. Our commitment to excellence, ethics and the defense of the rights of our clients distinguish us.

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